lazy saturdays

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I wish that I had lazy Saturdays. In my head, when I’m a grown-up with my own family, on Saturdays we will sleep in, have late coffee with fried eggs on toast, the kids will play happily in their rooms while I sit on the couch with my husband and read stuff. There won’t be a husband that works on Saturdays, sons that have practice early in the morning, daughters that won’t clean their rooms. Nope. All will be beautiful and well. Don’t ruin this dream for me. Someday…


In case you do get to have lazy Saturdays, here’s some links to peruse:

On church: (I could’ve written this piece about my own church. This is what church really is.)
Confessions - Sarah Bessey

I don’t think we need a four-walls-and-a-non-profit-status to qualify as church but these people are mine and I am still learning to admit when I need something from them, too.


On calling:
Deacons and Elders and Me – Micha Boyett at A Deeper Story

This is the story of how my love for scripture deepened and grew more technicolored, beautiful. This is the story of finding myself in a church where I was invited to use my gifts in order to love God faithfully. I will kneel before my church on Sunday in holy trembling, because of the men who led me as a child, because of the women who led me without titles….I will honor the men who taught me [to] serve, the women who taught me to lead.


On the power of the written word:
He Wrote It Down – In Others’ Words

We know there is nothing to be done. We know there will be no consequences, and no justice. Life is staggeringly unfair, sometimes. But there is a record. We walked into that police station holding the jagged shards of our story, of our childhood, and said, LOOK. THIS HAPPENED. And Officer Paul Smith bore witness. He wrote it down.




2015-Reading-ChallengeThis is the weekend I plan to start a 2015 Reading Challenge. Not that I need a challenge to read a lot, but I do enjoy a good check-list. I like the idea of giving some structure to my reading choices this year. Join me?

There’s one box for each month. It’s a little late In January to be beginning, but I think I can make up the time. I’m starting with ‘a book “everyone” has read but you’. I picked Beloved by Toni Morrison. I’m a little ashamed that I have yet to read this book, so here’s the month I’m going to rectify that scenario.

If you decide to do this, let me know what you picked for your choice!

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