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Saturday, January 17, 2015

You know that feeling after the rush of adrenaline courses through? That utter let-down relief? The inner soul exhaustion that you feel after a prolonged period of tense emotions? That’s me tonight.

When Brenden and Raniah’s adoptions were finalized, it almost felt anti-climactic. I was prepared with prose and letters and all that beautiful things that such an occasion called for. This time? I’m tired. Utterly exhausted. I didn’t quite realize how much tense I felt about this whole thing until it was all over. Tonight, with the adoption finalized and the party done, I wanted to do all of those special things that I did before – letters, blog posts, notes, loveliness in the way that I love the best. I’m just not ready.

I’m overjoyed with relief that I can finally call this baby my own. I’m overcome with gratitude for the friends and family who celebrated with us, worked with us, and made both Thursday and today so very lovely. Mostly, I’m overwhelmed by the beauty I’ve gotten to witness this week – the stuff that doesn’t even have very much at all to do with the adoption. The stuff of changed lives, the fruit of hard work in relationships, the kind of things that we just weep to see. More on all of this later. When I feel a little more verbose.

9958In the meantime, it gives me immense joy to introduce you to our Finally Official littlest:

Miracle Irene.

Her mama gave her the name Miracle because, well, she is a real miracle. 10 and a half weeks premature, less than 3 lbs., born at home...that's only the beginning of her story. We've had two more life-threatening hospitalizations since she left the NICU, and hopefully she will tell you someday about the other parts of her miraculous story that aren't ours to share.

We gave her the middle name Irene in honor of my dad's mama. She was born in 1917 - a twin and under 3 lbs. at birth, just like our Mira. The story goes that the doctor set her aside (because they thought she wouldn't make it) in order to work on her sister who was slightly bigger. My Great-Grandma Maggie looked over and told the doctor that she thought my grandma was still alive. They both survived - Mary Irene and Martha Pauline. In 1917. It boggles my mind given what we know of Mira's battle for life even with our current medical advances, but it was a miracle for sure and our Miracle is definitely worthy of sharing her name.

We adore her. She is the delight of our family. We are immensely grateful that our story intertwines with her story, and I really can’t wait to see how the rest of it unfolds.


photo courtesy of our favorite: Michelle Lum Photography

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