things I learned in the dark

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sweet M has been sick since Labor Day. Until the past week or so, she was up multiple times a night, every night. One of those awakenings would typically last anywhere from 2-4 hours. I think I’m handling it just fine, but then she sleeps through the night one night and I can’t. I’m not the kind of person who can get completely up and do productive things while battling insomnia, so I’ve been lying in bed, listening to a lot of Roseanne Cash, and learning some things in the dark of night.

origin_35466035061. While battling extreme embarrassment over my affinity towards the game, I just can’t quit you, Candy Crush.

2. I’m pretty sure I can now diagnose your diseases solely by looking at the location of pimples on your face. Thanks, face mapping.

3. Jesse Thorn’s voice is now more familiar to me than my husband’s, thanks to Judge John Hodgman and Bullseye.

4. Reluctantly and with enormous amounts of skepticism, I have done an inordinate amount of research on essential oils and their usages resulting in a hefty purchase of said oils this month. Two things: I think Young Living might also be the work of Satan so I used a different company, and also, I really don’t believe all the hype. We’ll see…..

5. JoJo Moyes has become a favorite. Me Without You was terrific, and the best I’ve read of hers so far. Eerily timely, given the Brittany Maynard news coverage. The Kindle is an insomniac’s best friend.

6. Virginia wine country vacations are expensive.

7. Maybe closer to home would be cheaper? Or maybe not. Hocking Hills has some crazy expensive cabins and inns, although you apparently can get a whole Scottish inn experience there. I bet that’s experiencing a significant growth in profits as a result of the whole Outlander situation.

8. In spite of my fear over the future, in spite of the pain-driven tears, in spite of the anxiety-fueled gulping breaths and heart palpitations, and even in spite of the myriad of frustrations and things unsaid between us at any given moment, lying beside my husband at night is the safest place I know.

(Full disclosure: I’m a verbal processor, and if my sweet husband is reading this right now, he is thinking with horror: “how could possibly be ANYTHING unsaid???”)



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