Saturday, January 18, 2014

You know what makes consistency in writing and exercise and sleeping patterns hard? Babies. Especially babies who have rough weeks with all the teeth and all the congestion and all the medical issues. You know what makes for sane mamas? Writing. Yoga. Sleep.

You see my difficulties.

And so it comes that my only post so far this week is going to be a bunch of links. That’s what I can accomplish in ten minutes or so. The writing, though. I miss it. I have ideas. So many ideas. I’ve jotted them on receipts, on kids’ homework paper, on my phone, on my ipad, and yet none of them can make it to an actual writing session because I HAVE NO TIME for an actual writing session. Which is frustrating since I have all the time in the world to watch inane television and read books and anything that is easy to do with a baby strapped to your chest. Writing, however, just hasn’t made that cut.

Pity party over. On to the links. Just like that.

Here’s the best things I read this week…

…on marriage:
5 Ways to Secure Your Happyish Ever After - Momastery
and its companion post:
Messy and Beautiful – Momastery

A Day in a Marriage - brittany, herself 
(loved, loved, loved this one. so beautiful)

…and on adoption:
Why Adoption Isn't Second Best, Part 1 - Flower Patch Farm Girl


Hope you enjoy! Maybe next week will be better.

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