grace in the everyday

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tonight, I’m praying for a bit of grace that I don’t deserve. Extravagant grace, even. After dealing with a baby in distress for a couple of days, due to what I attributed to her ongoing medical issues, my eldest vomited this evening. Maybe his problem is what’s been causing her problems too. Sigh.

Of all the weeks, this one is just the very worst. We’ve avoided the stomach virus for months now, and I know we’re due. But not this week. Please Jesus, not this week where the husband is mostly out of town, the four-year-old is going with him for some of his travelling, and I’m left to care for the rest of them alone. Not this week. Not for me. Not for him.

So, even as my own stomach rumbles, more likely due to the thought of a stomach virus rather than the actual presence of one, I continue to pray for grace. Could it pass us by, please? Just this once? A silly request. One I don’t even deserve to bring up. And yet…please?

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