the not-yet miracles

Friday, December 20, 2013

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I wish that Christmas-time was all wonders and miracles and joy all the time. It’s just that we live this broken, painful world where bad things happen. Maybe you’re struggling with the idea of miracles this season.

Maybe you don’t believe that a miracle will occur with your life, in your marriage, with your children or job or friends or family.

See, Christmas is filled with all the expectation of fullness of joy and happy family memories and life is just like the J. Crew commercial, yet for most of us, it doesn’t end up quite like that. The things I’m hoping for, believing for, praying for miracles for…those things haven’t quite come to pass yet.

A sweet boy that we loved as our own is now in a precarious living situation with seemingly no hope for a bright future.

A friend is in a marriage that just isn’t working, stuck in an unhappy place.

A new friend has lost literally everything. All of her belongings, her old home, and the man she loves. She’s starting over and is full of fear and regret.

Our sweet baby girl has an uncertain future.

Our youngest two children are longing to understand why they can’t be with their first mama.

Maybe, like me, you’re grieving a change within a treasured friendship or you’re hurting with a friend whose life and marriage are full of pain or you’re hurting on behalf of your children. Maybe you are up against a truly impossible situation. Maybe you are full of pain and heartache, and you are consumed by fear.

I hear you. I’ve been there, and I’m there with you still. Sometimes the pit seems too deep to claw out of. Yet I know Someone who’ll give you a lifeline. I’m borrowing some challenges from my husband’s sermon on Sunday – first: tell the One who can work the miracles. Trust Him to do it for you. And secondly: tell someone else. We are given one another for a reason. Tell a friend who can hold you up when you feel like falling. Tell someone who can trust God on your behalf when you feel like you have no trust left to give.

Even when this season brings no joy: You are not alone.

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