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Monday, December 9, 2013

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It’s Christmastime, and I’ve been thinking about miracles and fire and a God who blazes bright with the unexplainable. God as a small baby – I find it incomprehensible to think about it as history, and even more ridiculous to think about what it would be like if that happened today. A baby? We talk a lot in Christian circles about Jesus’s return to the earth. We think we have a handle on the plans. But what if it isn’t like that at all? What if he came as a baby again? The most unlikely of places, the most unlikely of forms. Would I believe?

I find myself pondering my own acceptance of this burning hot God who can ignite even the dampest of spirits. When we think miracles, we mostly think of raising the dead, healing diseases with just a word, turning the impossible into possible. We think of things that we believe just don’t happen everyday, or if we’re honest – ever. The converse is true too. We say miraculous when we really mean fortuitous. I would venture a guess that this is probably the more common usage for most of us. I have a pair of plaid shoes that I call my Christmas Miracle shoes. I found them on clearance a few Decembers ago for a couple of dollars. Is that a miracle? Really?

Truth is, I’ve seen some miracles myself. Both the kind that could be explained away by circumstance and one pretty spectacular one that can’t. But I wrestle still. There’s something in me that has a hard time bringing myself to believe in a God that burns so fiercely that He can subvert natural law. In my head, yes, oh yes, that’s the kind of God I want to serve. The mystery of this brilliant God I love? Well, the mystery is usually my favorite part. Until it comes to actually and truly believing. Trusting God to do the impossible? Not just what we call impossible, which is often just the improbable, but the truly impossible? Eh. Sometimes I’m just not so sure.

For the next few posts, I’ll be sharing about my own experience with the miraculous.  Divine encounters, impressive coincidences, unexplainable supernatural events – doubt and belief and fear and wonder set ablaze by a God who sends fire from heaven, with a God who controls angel armies, yet still just longs to ignite our hearts with His love.

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