weekend update

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

IMG_2094Last weekend, we had the opportunity to take our kids on a trip. All five of them. On an airplane. In an incredible act of bravery/stupidity, we decided all-in. So we packed up our four suitcases, 2 diaper bags, 4 backpacks, car seats, and tote bag for the random things that didn’t fit anywhere else, and because someone needed to drive us to the airport (and our vehicle only seats 7), we stuck the oldest on the floor in between the seats and headed out.

Things went…

SO well.

I know. I didn’t see that coming either.

They had us sitting 2-2-2. We successfully got one of the people next to us to switch so Maggie could be moved near the parents, but the other person refused. He ‘paid extra for a window seat’. (He watched TV the whole time, but whatevs.) Thus my eldest sat alone. The guy beside him was extremely kind, said he’d help Ben and keep an eye on him, but then when the snack cart came through, he ordered wine. I feel you, man.

The less than considerate individual who refused to switch ended up in the window seat. Row in front of him: Wendell and the two girls. Row he was in: me, Sweet M, Brenden. Row behind us: a mom and grandma with a two-year-old who kicked the ENTIRE flight and a baby who cried. Glad you paid for that window seat dude. I offered you a seat with adults. Joke is on you.

Apart from our daughters loudly yelling “WHOA!” every time the plane changed altitude or turned like we were on some kind of roller coaster, everything was quiet. We don’t get out much, clearly. It was the nicest plane I’ve ever flown on, mostly because it was new, so that helped. Individual televisions, roomy seats, and fortunately American still gives free drinks.

Our weekend was truly lovely. Good food, good friends, beautiful weather, and lots of children to entertain one another. My husband is never more relaxed than when we visit these particular friends, and it does my heart good to see him acting more like himself than he has in months. We breakfasted with friends from our old church on Sunday and then went to service together. Even though it’s been twelve years since we attended there, it still felt like home. I remembered all of the reasons why I loved it even though it’s changed size and location and membership quite a bit.

I would move back to Texas in a second if we felt we were called back there. We came into our own there. We built our marriage, established our values, grew into our faith, had our first child - all within the loving embrace of that area and the people we were surrounded with. I miss it. Right now, our life is a lot of pouring out. That time in our lives was a precious time during which we were poured into. We miss our friends there. Not that we don’t have friends now – we do, and we love them immensely…but there was something unique about the way we connected with those couples we grew to love there. We had many mentors there, older couples who spent their time and money on us, helping us, teaching us, loving us. I miss all of that so very much.

Nostalgia. It’s such a interesting emotion. Sweet. Some bitter. Full, but with pain. It’s definitely not regret. I love where we live. I love our lives. I know we are exactly where we’re supposed to be. In truth, I wouldn’t move back to Texas in a second because we have the most amazing little baby who belongs here right now. We have two other children who had to born here. Our family couldn’t have been the same if we’d stayed, and it won’t be the same if we move back. Texas, as I remember it, wouldn’t be the same if we moved back either.


Vacation is nice.

I loved it. I loved it a lot.

Real life is better. Even with a crying baby who has determined that given her experience this past weekend, it is absolutely inappropriate for her to ever be put down to play on her own again. Where are the myriads of people who held her and loved her and talked to her and put her to sleep and never left her alone?? She wants to live there too.

Back to the beautifully broken lives we’re living here and now. For all of us.

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