isn’t it ironic (and by that, I mean it’s interesting. Ironic is a largely mis-used word.)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


In case I ever thought God didn’t have a sense of humor, He continues to prove me wrong.

I say I’m too scared and introverted to do new things, and He says, “here’s this conference you can go to. Alone.”

I say no more babies, He says, “here’s the smallest, tiniest one ever.”

I say being on screen makes me so uncomfortable that I want to throw up, and He says, “hey! you know what would be awesome? Doing another video.” At least this time it was for a fancy-schmancy fundraising event that I can’t afford to go to, so I’m unlikely to see the results.

I happen to mention that I am uncomfortable with public platforms, and I am consulted about attending two different multi-agency conferences to make presentations.

I talk about how much I hate clichés, and God says, “You want to hear me laugh? Tell me your plans.”

The joke’s on me, I guess.




I wrote a whole post on shame and behavior issues in school and how it’s kind of a new thing for us, and then the very next day my eldest daughter came home in tears because she got in trouble at the end of the day and was going to have to move her name to yellow on the following school day. Turns out a little boy kept calling her names, wouldn’t stop, and so eventually, out of extreme anger and desperation, she takes off running towards him. Fortunately, we were snuggling side by side when she told me her story, so she could not see my struggles to maintain appropriate concern and composure. I’m not sure what her plans were, but I can promise you this: that little boy is extremely fortunate that my Maggie did not catch him before the teacher intervened. Extremely fortunate. I’ve seen that girl angry, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t stand a chance.

*as a side note, the next day, the teacher talked to her about the situation and agreed to keep her ‘green’ color record pure since she was unfairly provoked. Thank you, Jesus, for teachers who can keep the broader picture in mind. Especially since she didn’t catch the little boy. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have been willing to forgive whatever Maggie had planned for that poor kid.




In our mama’s small group this past week, one of them laughed at my prayer request, saying, “Only in this kind of group are you going to hear prayers that ask God to help our babies poop.”

Good news. God does answer prayer – even poop prayers (yep. it’s a thing), and the third type of juice we’ve tried appears to be the charm when it comes to regular baby bowel movements. It’s apple, if you’re curious.




On Monday nights, I lead a high school girls’ small group. We’re talking about using our words well and speaking love to others. This past week, I learned that there aren’t many physical fights at the high school anymore. This seems foreign to me since physical altercations were the stuff of legends during my high school days. One such fight resulting in a girl’s earring being literally ripped from her ear through the earlobe. Or cartilage? I can’t remember; it’s been awhile. (but not too long. A respectable amount of time has passed since I was in high school) Apparently, the thing now is “twitter-fights”. What the heck. I don’t even know what that means. At least the fighting is all 140 characters or less.





I really have nothing much more to say here, but I tend to be OCD about certain things. One of them happens to be even and odd numbers, and I just couldn’t end the list with only 4 things. So this is 5. All is well.

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