what I’m into: the rest of the summer edition

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Probably best to start this whole thing with what I did do during July and August. Fed the baby. Changed the baby. Changed my clothes after the baby threw up on me. Showered. (who am I kidding? regular showers have become laughable). Played Song Pop while I fed and burped the baby. Took the baby to visits – both medical and parental. Yep. Summer of the newborn. Thus, even my two month list is looking a little sparse. Fortunately, I think the fog is finally lifting, and I have some serious reading goals for the fall.

what I read:

I managed to read a few books, but none of them struck me at all. Probably due to my unfocused state but also I might just have a hit a string of unremarkable (at least to me) books.

Unbroken – Laura Hillenbrand
Where’d You Go Bernadette – Maria Semple
Love Walked In – Marisa de los Santos
Unfinished - Richard Stearn
Glorious Mess – Mike Howerton


what I listened to:

The Civil Wars. Obviously. I’m a white, 30-something who wears Toms and enjoys local produce. Whatever. We must do what we must do. (It’s terrific, and I think it’s better than their first. Even if it makes you want to drive off a bridge after awhile.)

Top 40. I haven’t yet reconciled my love of the raunchy party song with my obligations to feminism and motherhood. This year’s hits are like a whole playlist of early JT music, and I love me some JT. SexyBack anyone? Conclusion: 2013 summer music is fun, y’all.


what I watched:

Parks and Rec: I quit this series the first series because my TV docket was full, and it wasn’t all that funny. I should’ve stuck with it, because it gets progressively funnier every season. Also, one episode is the perfect length for me to time how long to hold the baby upright after her feedings (minimizing reflux around here).

Orange is the New Black: The MA label is no joke, but this show is exceptionally well-done. I loved every minute of it even if I did have to shut my eyes for a few scenes.

The Bridge: This FX murder mystery/cop show takes place in El Paso/Juarez, and it’s really quite good. It might not be the most exceptional show out there, and perhaps the ‘detective with some mental issues’ thing is overplayed, but it’s an enjoyable series that explores some important territory of which most Americans STILL seem to be unaware.

USA shows. The summer line-up for USA is fun. We love Covert Affairs, and Graceland is becoming a new favorite as well. Burn Notice is past its prime, but I feel compelled to finish out the series since this is the last season. I love USA’s sunshiny approach to TV shows. They feel happy and light and completely unlike the dark, brooding shows I’m watching a lot of in other places.

Breaking Bad is back. For the end. I have SO MANY THOUGHTS about what is going to happen. If you love it like I do, then you’ll enjoy these links:
Hank and Marie react to Miley Cyrus at the VMAs
Breaking Bad Easter Eggs That Will Blow Your Mind

As always, we’re in love with Fox Summer Reality TV: Masterchef and So You Think You Can Dance are perennial favorites in our house.

So there it is, in all of its non-intellectual glory. I hate that I watched so much more TV than I read, but in the past two weeks that has already been changing. I think we’re on our way out of the newborn stage. Finally. While I wouldn’t trade this time for anything, I look forward to the return of time to read a good book, the ability to take a walk and listen to some great music, and most of all, watching less TV in the middle of the night because I’ll actually be sleeping. Good times are ahead.

What were you into over the rest of the summer? Share in the comments or link up with Leigh below!

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