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Friday, September 6, 2013

Some link love from these past couple weeks. All three of these are things I wish I’d written, things I could’ve written if I were a better writer because all three are my heart. In different ways, but still my heart. I am daily grateful for this online space that allows me to read and breathe in beautiful words of truth.


The Truth about Adoption: Two Years Later - Jen Hatmaker
”Parenting wounded kids is terribly challenging, which you know in your head going into adoption, but starting your second year, you really know it in your life. It’s hard, like maybe forever hard, and you feel that because you are a human, not a robot, and that’s just true.”


The Ministry of Funfetti - D.L. Mayfield
The older I get, I realize now that the ministries I once thought so trivial I know think are the most radical. I spent the last year being stripped of anything that would make me feel lovely to God and I came out a different person. Because I discovered that he always loved me anyways.

I’m not Joan of Arc, it turns out. I’m just somebody who likes to bake cakes.

If I had said that at the beginning of this post, it would mean almost nothing. But because I am writing out of a place where I know that God loves me, my ministry of Funfetti is different. It’s radical. Anything that asks us to walk in our belovedness and extend that to other people is the best kind of madness there is.


In the Time That's Left - John Blase
I want to live Lazarus-like, resurrected in the sudden poetry of autumn, perfecting what the old-timers called
the trick of quiet.

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