from this valley

Saturday, August 3, 2013

This song has long been my favorite of The Civil Wars catalog, and now there’s this pretty, pretty video to match. Plus, this recording is the best they’ve done of this particular song.

I’ve been streaming the new album all week, and I love the whole thing. I think it’s better than their first, but fair warning: you will want to shoot yourself in the head before it’s over. It is dark. The new album comes out on Tuesday, so grab yourself some hard liquor and cigarettes so you can cry into your glass all night long. Or if that cliché isn’t up your alley, follow my lead and put your cranberry juice/Diet Sprite spritzer in a wine glass because at least you’ll feel fancy while you cry because the baby spit up on you three times in the past four hours and you haven’t showered in two days and you only slept for four hours of the past 36.

No worries right now – this is a happy song.

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