dear return of the school year: you’re not going to win

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On the heels of one of the better summers that we’ve ever experienced, in spite of adding a newborn to the mix, has come one of the roughest returns to school that we have ever experienced. Transition time this year has been…intense.

Part of the issue is the failure of our district’s levy (again). As a result, they cut high-school bussing, which means that K-8 all ride the bus together. Which wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except that our district recently went to grade-level schools. My kids go to three different schools, yet all get on and off the bus together. There’s a complicated transportation shuttle system involved, but the end result is that they are getting on the bus well over an hour before school starts. Early wake-up time with summer daylight hours and weather is not making for very happy children. Or parents.

We’re going to persevere. I might want to quit. Hunker down, circle the wagons, and such, but I won’t. Hormones and attitudes and rough adjustments are not going to get the better of us. We’re working on better sleep patterns. We’re figuring out new chore assignments to make things go smoother. We’re helping our littles through a really rough adjustment period, both in school and out. We’re making hard medical decisions, dealing with an increasingly complicated foster care situation, and we’re doing it all with as much grace as we can. One day at a time.

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