five things I learned this week

Friday, July 26, 2013

1) Newborns are exhausting. Also, preemies are newborns for a long, long time.

2) When mamas and papas are super exhausted, they don’t talk about stuff that matters. Then they fight. Even if they’re not really mad at each other, there’s yelling and crying and fighting, but it’s just because we’re all. so. tired.

3) We always give meals to first-time moms. You know who really needs meals? Older parents who already have piles of children. A friend of mine offered to buy us pizza this week, and I literally wept with relief. I’m so tired of Hamburger Helper. (That’s one thing my Maggie can make.)

4) Preemies also have terrible trouble with reflux for a variety of reasons including high-calorie formulas, constipation, and just a general lack of GI tract development. There are tons of tricks to help, but they all require more work. Feed baby at angle. Keep back perfectly straight. Sleep baby at 30 degree angle. Keep baby immobile and upright for 20-30 minutes after each feeding. Fortunately our doctor gave us permission to let her sleep on her side. Two nights in, it seems to be working fairly well. Fingers crossed. (did I mention I’m tired?)

5) Song Pop is my best friend. Middle of the night feedings have become a lot more musical. For reference, I’m terrible at Punk and surprisingly good at 90s Slow Jams.

Did you learn anything this week? In spite of my best efforts, everything around me is baby-related right now. Except my Netflix viewing, which is not exactly children-friendly at the moment. Any Netflix recommendations for me? Lots of sitting time during feedings = lots of TV watching.

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