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Friday, June 28, 2013

June has been a pretty light blogging month for me. Baseball and swimming and outside all the time equals less writing time. (and bug bites and sunburn, but whatever.) I have been writing ideas in my moleskine like crazy though. Surely that counts for something. All this outdoor time does allow for quite a bit of reading and listening, however.

what I read:


The Child Catchers by Kathryn Joyce was by far the most interesting book I’ve read in quite awhile. I have SO MANY THOUGHTS about it – far too many to go into in this post for sure. This critique is valid and needed, and as someone who is a part of the evangelical adoption movement, there are several cringe-worthy moments. It’s hard to hear an outsider’s perspective of some of the thoughts and rhetoric surrounding how we discuss adoption and orphan care. However. I ended the book somewhat disappointed. I don’t think she treated the movement with fairness. I wish it had been balanced with the good and beautiful and ethical. I wish she had talked about foster care. I wish she had not implicitly laid the blame for corruption at the feet of the whole evangelical movement. The correlation was well-supported, but I really don’t think there was enough evidence to prove causation. Have you read it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I also quite enjoyed Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain. Introversion is a new favorite topic of mine since I began to truly understand myself and how I’m wired. (INFP for the record, although I’m much closer to a 60/40 split when it comes to the introversion part) My favorite part of this book, however, wasn’t specifically about introverts as much as it was about the harm that ‘group think’ is having on both society and business, and although she didn’t address the church culture specifically, I think that it is definitely true there as well. So interesting.

I’m also in the middle of When She Was Gone by Gwendolyn Gross. It’s a mystery about the disappearance of a young girl told from the perspectives of several different people who lived on her street, and I’m really, really enjoying this uncommon way of approaching a story.

Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams Into Your Comfortable Life by Jeff Goins should be required reading for every young adult (and some of us who aren’t so young too).

Other books I read: What Happens When Women Say Yes to God – Lysa Terkeurst, Help Thanks Wow by Anne Lamott, The Art Forger – B.A. Shapiro, Christ in the Chaos: How the Gospel Changes Motherhood – Kimm Crandall, Undaunted – Christine Caine, Sparkly Green Earrings: Catching the Light at Every Turn – Melanie Shankle


what I listened to:

American Kid – Patty Griffin: This. over and over and over and over. Then this morning, Spotify informed me that I had been listening to Patty Griffin all week – have I also tried Burl Ives? Umm. No? One of these things is not like the other.

All Sons and Daughters Pandora station: there is no music that speaks to my soul and where I live right now like All Sons and Daughters. Put them into Pandora and you also get some Hillsong United, Phil Wickham, and Jesus Culture. (and some Philips, Craig, and Dean, but you can thumbs down those songs.)

In other listening news, my beloved Talk of the Nation on NPR has said goodbye this week. Not cool, NPR. I’ll miss you, Neil Conan.


what I watched:

Prometheus. No one told me this was a prequel to Alien. THERE WERE WORMS. Not cool.

Other movies: Trouble with the Curve, The Dark Knight Rises, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Almost done with The West Wing on Netflix. Thankfully. It’s been a commitment. Now I remember why I stopped watching it religiously midway through last time. It’s still beautifully written because it’s Aaron Sorkin, but the last three seasons have been dragging more than a little bit. (Just an FYI – if you like Aaron Sorkin, watch Studio 60 instead. It’s his best work.)

The Fosters is a new show on ABC Family, and I think the three episodes I’ve seen have been pretty well done. Foster care is under-covered in the media, and when it is covered, it’s usually terrible. This is a mostly fair depiction – sure, some of the logistics are strange and not at all representative of the system, but at least the overall picture is positive and encouraging. I’m enjoying it so far.

Also: So You Think You Can Dance, Masterchef, Psych


What are you into this month? And more importantly, what’s your favorite Sorkin show? I promise to only judge you a little if you say West Wing.


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