what I’m into–May 2013

Friday, May 31, 2013

what I’ve read:
Carry On Warrior – Glennon Doyle Melton is just like her blog: hilarious, poignant, and honest. I loved it.

I was worried after the third book in the Tana French series because I didn’t love it like I did the first two, but book four, Broken Harbor, did not disappoint. Excellent.

Prototype – Jonathan Martin was just as good as I expected. I really don’t have much more to say about than that. My copy is heavily underlined and written in – you should definitely get yourselves a copy.

Drops Like Stars – Rob Bell, a series of small booklets which were excerpted from The Circe Maker – Mark Batterson, What it Is is Beautiful – Sarah Dunning Park, How to Use a Runaway Truck Ramp – Shawn Smucker and Maile Smucker


what I’m listening to:
Amy Grant – How Mercy Looks from Here: So good. Amy Grant makes me feel like I’m home.
Natalie Maines – Mother
Night Visions – Imagine Dragons


what I’m watching:
Did you see the guy who does the Exorcist style dance with his baby girl and her mama on So You Think You Can Dance?? So many tears. This show actually makes me think I can dance. (I can’t.)

Masterchef - I can’t get enough of Graham, Joe, and Gordon.

The Bletchley Circle
(BBC on PBS) just got picked up for a second season, and I’m glad. It was really, really good.

Arrested Development had me issuing a huge sigh of relief. I missed you, Bluths.

While this season of  Mad Men has picked up significantly, it’s still oh. so. literal. I really could do with a lighter touch when it comes to the writing and the symbolism and all the death and don’t get me started on the whorehouses. Really? So literal.


other things I’m into this month:
my youngest son in his new glasses. Too much adorable to handle

Thai-stuffed sweet potatoes (cover your baked sweet potato with peanut sauce, sweet chili sauce, cilantro, peanuts, carrots, lime and sriracha): I’ve consumed quite a bit of sriracha. Maybe I’ll be into stomach ulcers next month…

Buffalo hummus – again with the spicy. Honestly, though, it’s a revelation.

Baseball. Baseball. Baseball. This past weekend we got a four-day break after 10 straight days of baseball. It’s a good thing I love it.


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