an exhausted friday five

Friday, May 24, 2013

I’ve been working on a few fairly weighty posts for the past couple weeks, so I’m a little worn out on writing. Not to mention that this week was just not the best. Seems like everything that could go wrong or be more complicated than normal or just cause extra emotional energy to be spent happened this week. I’m ready for a new one. I’m only a tiny bit sorry that all I can muster this week is a friday five.

1) Trying to keep my daughter in her sling after the broken collarbone she suffered on my birthday has gotten the best of me. Yesterday, I decided to just flat give up. This might not win me the mother of the year award, but I. just. don’t. care.


2) Two of my cousins had babies this week. In a couple weeks, I’ll get to see them both! And for one of my cousins, it was truly a miracle as her little boy was born at just under 32 weeks. He’s so, so tiny and perfect, and I am unbelievably grateful for the medical advances that allow this to occur. I spend a half hour every Monday with a mama whose little boy was born at 23 weeks. Flat out incredible. Given that story, 32 weeks looks like a walk in the park…


3) This week, I taught my son how to make my afternoon pot of tea. In exchange, I share a cup with him, but this is probably one of my most brilliant ideas as a parent. (Usually it’s Yorkshire Gold, if anyone is interested.)


4) School is almost out for the summer, and I am glad. I’ll need reminding of these words in two or three weeks when I’ve succumbed to the insanity that is a natural result of being at home with four children. But right now? I’m ready for a break.


5) In further parenting-of-the-year news, our youngest son needs glasses. Like, really needs them. Like, the optician raised her eyebrows when she looked at his prescription today and then gave me a warning list about the horrific adjustment symptoms he will be facing once his eyes learn what it means to truly see things. (severe headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc. for up to two weeks)

Here’s the thing, though…I don’t understand how it’s possible his eyesight is so bad. He’s already the best player on his t-ball team. I’m feeling kind of bad for the other kids if this is how he plays while he can’t see. Not to mention the fact that he is our best finder out of the all of the kids. We have lots of lookers, but only Brenden is a good finder. Honestly. If I was going to worry about the kids’ eyesight, it wouldn’t have been him. I feel bad, and I told him so. I asked him if he knew he couldn’t see very well, and he says, “No. Well, I only can’t see when I blink.” Fair enough.

Side note: if you are my facebook friend, be warned – there will likely be myriads of ‘look how cute my kid is in glasses’ pictures coming your way. I’ve already texted the try-on pictures to all of our family. He’s just so adorable.


So what’s up with you this week? Bad week? Good one? Tell me your random friday tidbits.

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