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Friday, April 19, 2013

Here’s where I collect the things that aren’t enough for a full post individually. Truthfully, most of them aren’t even important. Just the things on my mind this week.

1) I feel like I’ve gained some significant weight this week because: Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. You’re supposed to just eat it by the spoonful, right?


2) I’ve read this post three times over the past month. Just a beautiful picture of what it’s like to be a parent (at all), but especially a parent of a kid with special needs: on being a locksmith. - Nish Weiseth


3) When we were staying with our friends in Annapolis, we visited this lovely little shop there. It’s an old-world European cheese shop with French chocolates and charcuterie and fresh-baked bread and artisan honeys…and it was beautiful. It connected to the wine cellars next door – GENIUS. For our dinner that night we had a fromage d’affinois that was just spectacular. Still thinking about it…


4) I heard about this new book: The Child Catchers - Kathryn Joyce. I am in support of helpful critiques of the adoption industry, and I had read a bit from people who had read advance copies. Most said the book was challenging, that some of it made them angry, but the adoption world is definitely in continual need of oversight and reform. Then I read a Mother Jones piece, Orphan Fever: The Evangelical Movement's Adoption Obsession by Kathryn Joyce, which is quite inflammatory. To take the experiences of a fringe movement of Christianity (seriously. who has ever heard of these people or the so-called magazine they publish?) without attributing it as FRINGE is grossly unfair to the evangelical world as a whole. To blame all Christians for abuses that particular agencies or countries or families take is irresponsible. I was very disappointed in the piece.

Finally, I heard this interview: How Evangelical Christian are Preaching the New Gospel of Adoption - NPR Fresh Air. This was way more balanced and not as inflammatory by half. Although, I still feel like this woman and her interviewers are attempting to attribute the causes of abusive, oppressive, and deceitful practices by adoption agencies and governments to Christianity and the evangelical adoption movement. Correlation is not causation, and Christians are not the only people who adopt. Not to mention that to criticize them for wanting to pass their beliefs on to their children is ridiculous. Every parent passes their beliefs on to their children in some way or another. That is the nature of parenting.

All of this to say, I’m still eager to read the book, and I think this is a conversation worth having, not only in the culture at large, but also within the Christian adoption movement. Also, I’m pretty thankful we didn’t choose to adopt internationally. I have enough concerns with adoption without worrying whether or not I adopted my children with full disclosure.


5) I hate it that I love this song, because I have so many issues with Rihanna. But. I love this song: Stay ft. Mikky Ekko – Rihanna. (She’s in the bathtub for the bulk of the song, so be aware that it might be NSFW.)


What are things that you’re loving or thinking about this week? Share some randomness below.

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