friday five: created for care

Friday, March 15, 2013

I’m not actually ready to talk about everything that happened to me and in me last weekend, but I don’t want too much time to pass before I wrote about some of the things that I loved about my weekend away.

1) The pajamas: I went determined that I wasn’t going to buy the pajamas for the ‘pajama party’ sessions. They were expensive, and I’m just not that girl, you know? I was sucked in by the supposed length of them, because I have a terrible time getting pajama pants long enough for  me. These ones are definitely long enough. I’ve washed and dried them, and I’m still rolling them at the waist. The thing I underestimated was the effect they’d have on my psyche. Something about seeing the logo and the bible verse in the mirror and every time I look down at the shirt…there is just something triggered in my brain. Rest. Peace. Hope. It’s the oddest thing. I guess it’s not completely strange; I have a few pieces of jewelry that trigger an emotional response in me just by the mere act of putting them on. This is the first time it’s ever happened to me with clothing though. Anybody else have this thing? Or am I just weird?

2) The main sessions: Sitting in a room with 450 other adoptive moms was enough in and of itself. I typically thrive on diversity, but while there was plenty of religious, ethnic, and personal diversity at this retreat, there was just something spectacular about worshiping with all those women whose hearts beat the same way as mine. It was a gift.

3) No children: I flew alone. I went to the bathroom alone. I read my books alone. I went on a hike alone. I slept all night – alone. (Well, not quite alone, but we shared a king-sized bed, so it’s virtually like sleeping alone.) I TOOK A SHOWER with no little person banging on the door, coming in unannounced, or asking if they could brush their teeth since I was in the shower anyway. Sweet bliss.

4) The food: Since I have not traditionally been a women’s conference kind of gal, I am uninitiated into food typically served at said conferences. I’ve attended my fair share of other conferences, however, and the food is usually a Chik-fil-A box. Which is fine and all, but this food was ridiculously good. Salads, lean meats, four different vegetable sides at each meal…even the mid-afternoon snacks were healthy – veggie and fruit trays, nuts, etc. The only thing I didn’t love was the desserts. I just wanted a piece of cheesecake. There was no cheesecake.

5) This isn’t really something I loved, but have you been to Atlanta? There are so. many. churches. and they are HUGE. Is there a single person in Atlanta that doesn’t go to church? I thought there were a lot of churches when I moved to the Dallas area, but good grief. DFW has nothing on Atlanta. My northern-raised self isn’t quite sure what to do with that. I have mixed emotions…

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