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Friday, February 22, 2013

Today, I give you five links that I’ve been saving to share – a couple of them are quite old, but I needed to clean out my share folder. They had just never fit quite with a theme until now. Just for clarity’s sake, I do read more than three different blogs, but the bulk of the stuff you’ll see today come from two in particular. If you’re not reading A Deeper Story (they actually have three separate channels now, each as good as the other) and Storyline Blog, you should be. Even if I don’t have any time to read any other blogs on a particular day, those are two that I read no matter what. Add them to your reader!


The Broken Mothering the Broken - Amanda Williams at A Deeper Family
”Nothing will fix my mothering because no matter what I try, I am still the mother. It’s still me and I am still broken. As long as I’m broken my mothering will be broken and there is no book or seminar or prayer that can fix that.”

How One Woman Created a Community Out of a Neighborhood - Shauna Niequest at Storyline Blog
”Before the table, before this year, before the goal, these were strangers, but one came to a dinner with another friend, another showed up at Easter, another for brunch: community born and nurtured around the table.”

Real Failure or Why All of It Matters - Micha Boyett for A Deeper Church
”What makes something valuable? What makes anything in this tender and cracked world more important than anything else? …You may be doing the great work I dreamed of once, the brave work in the most broken places. But, you may also be living the most ordinary kind of life: one of laundry and dishes and children who scream at your attempts to raise them well. All of us are knit into the fabric of Christ; all of us are living in holy time.”

Grace for the Working Mother and her Guilt - Lisa-Jo Baker
”You are no less and no more than the mothers who get to stay home. God did not give them a pass and you a punishment. You do not need to apologize for the fact that you work. You do not need to be embarrassed.”

How My Faith Has Changed Since “Blue Like Jazz” - Donald Miller at Storyline Blog
”As you change, your relationship with God will change. A faith that does not evolve in time may be something more like a “belief” than a faith, that is an agreeing with a list of truths rather than a dynamic relationship between two living beings.”


Have you read something really great lately? Share it in the comments!

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