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Friday, January 11, 2013

I haven’t linked up in awhile – I’ve been collecting far too many posts to catch up quickly, so I thought it would be best to start out slowly…

Unfortunately, it won’t be light reading. Hope you have time for some philosophical meanderings today! Please click through to read the whole post as I’ve only posted snippets here. As is typical of the links I share, these aren’t necessarily representative of everything I believe about any certain subject, but I did find them to be some of the more interesting things I’ve read on each subject. I like things that make me think…


On being pro-life (fair warning – this one is breathtakingly beautiful):
when you say to me pro-life - See Preston Blog

I am holding her, under the stars promised to Abraham with one twinkling light now gone dim, and we are caught in the void of an impossible, tangled mess of shattered hopes and crag-rock uncertainties, a circle that at times seems to be without us, without God.


On guns:
The Gun God - Michael Gungor

I am not under the delusion that the government can fix the human heart. You cannot regulate away violence. But we can do little things to safeguard that limit the carnage when the violence comes out. Again, I don’t claim to have the answers to what those things are exactly. But I do hope that Christians will stop worrying so much about ensuring that they can acquire firearms without any inconvenience to them and start trying to figure out a way to limit the pain that our weapons allow us to inflict on each other.


On poverty:
The Poor You Will Always Have with You - Kelley Nikondeha at Love is What You Do

…Poverty exists because we have not chosen otherwise, we’ve decided against the hard work of economic restructuring, debt release and true economic empowerment. We are part of the poverty problem.


On depression:
Jesus or Zoloft? - Jamie the Very Worst Missionary

And then I remembered the one thing some Christians will never admit out loud, which is that sometimes Jesus isn't all you need. Sometimes you need Zoloft.


On adoption (this one is the exception to my disclaimer. every word of this one is true, yes and amen.):
Supporting and Understanding the Adoptive Family - The Kitchen is not my Office

Here are a few thoughts about supporting an adoptive family. Most pertain to families who have adopted internationally and also to those who have adopted through the domestic route. It was compiled based on our experience and also on the the experiences of a few dozen other adoptive parents who contributed their ideas and suggestions.

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