making space

Monday, January 7, 2013

Once again, the Christmas season found our family struggling through. It was the best we've ever done, but again and again I found myself making decisions for my own selfish desires rather than for the best of my children. Well, I did really well in making choices through most of the season. We made hard decisions, ones that we caught some grief for from others, but they were right and good and we reaped a lot of rewards. Then towards the end of the year, tired from holiday commitments and rundown physically and emotionally from illness, I just apparently forgot everything I had remembered all through December and once again made a few bad choices. They caused me pain. They caused our children pain. They made Christmas detox worse than it might have otherwise been.

So...January...fresh start...

Part of making this a year in which I can say yes means that I have to say no. With our family size and lifestyle, it means that our schedule is overwhelming and sometimes a bit frightening. I have to say no. One of the first things I plan to do is to try to protect our Monday nights. It's the only night of the week where no one has anything official scheduled. I pick Baby D up at 4, and after that, I will attempt to not plan anything. At all. Free evening.

I also want to plan only one activity per weekend. We have two kids in a couple months of overlapping basketball seasons, so there'll be games on the weekends. Even if we split up for games to try to keep the littles stable, it's still a lot. My goal was to have one extra family thing per weekend. Already, that’s become impossible. This very next weekend, we have two huge whole-family things. I hate getting off to a start like this one.

What I’ve really just come to appreciate over the past few weeks is that my kids need space. They need time to relax at home, instead of using home as a layover station for a half-hour or hour here or there while we’re getting ready to go somewhere else. It’s my priority this year to create this space for them. Writing it down for the world to see: that’s step number one.

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