friday five: things I’ve been doing of late

Friday, January 25, 2013

1) Enjoying my new computer keyboard: my space bar has been broken for most of January. Thus the slow blogging. Really, it’s wasn’t even about blogging – I’d live without publishing, but I need to write. I’m so happy to be able to write again. (at least at the speed at which I mark down words. I recognize I could go longhand, but I can’t write nearly as much in the same amount of time.)

2) Coming to terms with my innate childishness: I watched The Following this week while Wendell was out of town. Big mistake. It was terrifying. I’m not even quite sure why – you’d think The Walking Dead would make me immune. I think it’s because I’m not scared of zombies. Or sci-fi stuff. I am, however, scared of normal people who might be serial killers apparently. Let’s just say I didn’t go to sleep very early that night. And I might have run up the stairs as fast as I could after I turned off the lights like I was seven years old. Anyone else do that still? Just me? Sigh. I’m a child.

3) Eating avocados: It’s avocado season. Or it’s not. Probably it’s not, since it’s winter. I actually don’t know when avocados are in season, only that now is the time of year when they’re super cheap in the stores. As a result, I’ve eaten my share this week. On sandwiches. With eggs. With tacos. In salad. Plain with just some salt and pepper. Yum. The only thing I haven’t had yet is guacamole. It’s on my to-do list.

4) Planning a “I liked Masterpiece Theater and BBC dramas before Downton Abbey” club: I know Downton is all the rage. I really like it too, but it’s just one drama in a long, long line of quality television. It’s super trendy, but soon it’ll be over. Who’ll stick around once it’s done? Me. That’s who. I’m there for the long haul, BBC. (I’d love a new Forsyte Saga – I liked that better than Downton anyway) Want some recommendations? You can get nearly all the old stuff from the library. Start with Forsyte Saga, move on to Wives and Daughters, then Cranford, any of the Jane Austen stuff, Birdsong…I could go on forever.

Related: Call the Midwife. Just as good as Downton, yet no one is really raving over it. It’s so lovely, and I can’t wait until March when it comes back on US television! (Chummy is my very favorite. I have such a crush on her.)

5) Listening to The Lone Bellow: I was first introduced to The Lone Bellow back when it was Zach Williams and the Bellow. I have a Christmas EP that I thoroughly enjoyed, so I was glad to see a full album. It’s fantastic, and I concur with everyone who’s saying they’re the next big thing. Give them a listen – I don’t think you’ll be sorry. This music makes me so very, very happy, especially during a week where I desperately need happy dancing music.

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