happy birthday to the man I love

Thursday, November 8, 2012

446_98898785155_2199_nToday is my husband’s birthday. I’ll refrain from sharing his age. (He’s so sensitive.) I will however share this photo of him in his fire gear. No reason, really – it’s just that firefighters are sexy, and this one’s mine.

Moving on…and more importantly (I guess), I will tell you that he has lived his years with grace and courage. He has loved through much sickness and little health, through more poverty than wealth, through good times and bad, through great joy and suffering. He’s endured the hard things with dignity. He’s walked the difficult road with his character intact, and he lives with integrity. I am humbled by him daily, and I am blessed to share his life.

He loves our children well. He works two jobs, stays out past dark working even once he finally gets home, and still makes the time to go to ball games and school concerts and children’s parties. He camps with them in the backyard, wrestles with them on the floor, reads books to them on the couch, prays beside them on their beds. He teaches and loves, encourages and plays.

He loves me well. We’re not give and take, winners and losers kind of people when it comes to our marriage. It’s both of us winning; it’s all giving. All of ourselves – with no reservation. He doesn’t hold back, and he inspires me to do the same. We married so young, still children really, and when I started sharing that boy’s life, I never dreamed that I would be married to a man, let alone such a good one. We’re living a hard season; so many small children lends itself to more exhaustion than enjoyment, and yet, he still makes time for fun, for learning, for teaching, for giving of himself.

It’s difficult, yet effortless. Absolute trust, unconditional love. Our lives entwined, two become one – a mystery and a miracle. Tonight, our celebration will look less like a raucous party and more like a freshly swept floor, sleeping children, comfy couches, candles lit, warm drinks to ward off the chilly night. Quiet moments alongside relentless laughter, enjoying one another just as we have been these last seventeen years together. Our hearts woven together, sharing the load, bread and wine…my friend.

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