friday post-apocalypse five

Friday, November 9, 2012

Our school district failed to pass yet ANOTHER levy this past Tuesday. According to my facebook feed, between that disappointing news and the presidential election, it’s a wonder that we all woke up Wednesday morning.

So, in honor of life going on, I offer you this friday five for your information, comfort, and enjoyment:

1) 7 Things to Do When You're Feeling a Little Sad - Addie Zierman: “Sometimes, you can’t see it change, but sometimes, if you’re looking, you’ll notice that change is everywhere, striking and beautiful….Sit out on the last warm day and notice all that is good and all that is beautiful, and feel your heart rise just a little. Just enough.”

2) The Walking Dead: If you need to survive the coming zombie apocalypse, there is no better show to prepare you. Watch and learn.

Lesson #1 (from last year) – If there is a pharmacy that you can get stuff from, clean that sucker out the first time. Don’t go into the zombie danger over and over and over.

Lesson #2 – Please be a likeable enough person that when you die from an unanesthetized c-section, there won’t be a significant amount of relief and rejoicing.

3) Skyfall: I have seen every James Bond movie there is. At least twice per movie. They’re not particularly apocalyptic, I guess, but this is, without exception, the best one there has ever been. Seriously, I wanted to applaud after the opening sequence. It was the perfect storm of casting, acting, cinematography, plot, and let me just say that Adele was BORN to sing Bond themes. I loved it. The end.

4) The Winds CafĂ©: This is where the husband picked for his birthday dinner. It was fantastic. I had the walleye, he had the pork chop, and of course we had Jeni’s ice cream for dessert. Terrific choice on his part. If you’re in this area of Ohio, you definitely need to stop by and have a meal. When the zombie apocalypse hits, then this is the food I want to be eating.

5) Someday soon I’m going to try this hairstyle: No heat curls. It’ll be a nice tool when all the electricity goes out and none of us can use our hair styling equipment.

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