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Friday, October 26, 2012

I don’t plan to delve into politics too often (or ever, really) in this space. I come from a tradition of principled disengagement with the political process, and I have mixed feelings about how I, as a follower of Christ, can fully engage with a clear conscience. I do vote, I will vote, but I don’t always vote for every single thing or every single office. I have opinions, but none that are set in stone. I am not nor will I ever be a member of any political party. So with that being as clear as mud, here are five things election-related to check out.

P.S. Living in a swing state is its own special kind of hell. I might enjoy politics more if I didn’t live where I happen to live. Praise Jesus if you live somewhere where your vote doesn’t count as much.

1) How I Got Asked to Pray After the First Lady - Jena Nardella for Storyline Blog: “I walked up to the podium and felt the most amazing sense of peace and confidence in what I was supposed to pray…I meant every word and have been encouraged by the thousands of you who prayed alongside of me. May justice and mercy trump partisanship in our lives..”

2) The Election: Thoughts from a Christian Independent - Jen Hatmaker: “No president can take the Kingdom out of our hearts. No candidate can steal what Jesus has already won. As the Kingdom came, so will it continue – not through Empire but through radical, subversive faith. It cannot be shaken, it cannot be removed.”

3) Thou Shalt Follow These 10 Commandments of the Presidential Election. - Eugene Cho: “May our love for politics, ideology, philosophy, or even theology, never supersede our love for God and neighbor – including neighbors who don’t share our politics. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

4) Election Day Communion: “But that evening while our nation turns its attention to the outcome of the presidential election, let’s again choose differently. But this time, let’s do it together. Let’s meet at the same table, with the same host, to remember the same things. We’ll remember that real power in this world — the power to save, to transform, to change — ultimately rests not in political parties or presidents or protests but in the life, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus.”

5) And just because I love you:


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