Monday, September 3, 2012

Yesterday, I watched my tired boy full of smiles lay flat on the floor with a plastic pot over his head. Not sleeping, though, no sir! The unwillingness to nap even at the onset of extreme exhaustion led him to near delirium before the day was over. What is it with our unwillingness to rest? What are we afraid of?

For me, I fear that if I stop, things won’t get done. I’ll fall irreparably behind. Even more than that, I fear that if I slow down, I’ll realize how tired I really am. This past weekend, however, I took the afternoon to do just that. Stop. Rest. Think. In my teeny-tiny house that is usually filled with five loud little voices and busy bodies, I took a few hours of an extra-lengthy naptime while the older kids were away to just be.

Today…I pray you can rest. I pray you can take the time to just sit. It’s ok to not unload the dishwasher or start another load of laundry for a couple hours. Sit on your favorite chair, read a favorite book, drink a cup of hot tea.

honest conversation
long-overdue tears
looking into my little boy’s brown eyes
a few quiet hours
play – the children’s work
my ipod – I wouldn’t want to make my lengthy commutes without it
a toddler’s calming body under her weighted blanket
feeling liked (FINALLY) by our happy sunshine baby
putting words to paper, self laid bare
a praying, loving friend with the perfect words of encouragement
Josh Garrels, Earl Grey, and Gone Girl – my favorite afternoon in a long time
time alone to process through loss
looking to Him who can heal my wounded heart
the remains of the hurricane, soaking into our parched earth
my boy sitting quietly on the lap of his most favorite friend during church
Thai chicken pizza
birthday board games with my sisters

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