mama’s time-out

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some days, I struggle to make it through those horrible hours right before dinner time. With three kids five and under to try and keep track of plus two school age kids constantly fighting or complaining or asking me to give them the answers for help on their homework, I just can’t seem to get anything done. I can’t make dinner because that puts me in a room separate from the family, and well, unsupervised children…. I can’t keep them in the room with me because our kitchen is just too small. I just can’t find the magic that allows me to function normally, accomplishing what I need to accomplish during the period of time.

Last week, I had just completely lost it. I knew the situation was out of control – both them and me. I called Wendell, said “come straight home when you’re done”, and just sat with a cup of tea, trying to ignore what was occurring in the house. I kept an eye on things, in case I would need to intervene for physical safety, but other than that, I quit.

I don’t normally advocate this course of action, but it was what I needed to do at that specific point in the day for everyone’s safety. Wendell came home, and I left. I just needed some time. He knew it. I knew it. The kids knew it. I did a couple errands, then I headed to the gym and ran out my frustrations. I ran until I felt I couldn’t do it anymore (trust me, it didn’t take long), and then I kept going. Eventually my endorphins kicked in, and I felt like I could function normally. I got off the treadmill, tired, more at peace, and headed back to the craziness. But I no longer felt crazy, and so I knew I could go home and parent. (Wendell had crazy eyes when I returned, so I felt a tiny bit validated that it wasn’t just my problem.)

I am unbelievably grateful to have a husband who parents with me, who’ll come home to take over when I need him to, and who encouraged me to renew my gym membership precisely for this very scenario. I have previously written about my affection for my local gym, but it’s worth repeating again and often: I love my gym. (and my current workout mix – I’ll share that soon, too.)

Today, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, and like you are about to lose control, just remember: sometimes mamas need time-outs too.

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