late-night friday foodie five

Friday, August 10, 2012

Squeezing in five foodie things I’m loving this week before Friday is gone, and the weekend is in full bloom:

1) Olive, an Urban Dive – My sisters, my mom, and my mom’s best friend went to this great little restaurant in the old Wympee burger diner, and it was simply delicious. Not only did they keep the integrity of a well-known Dayton building; they completely transformed the inside to something modern with fresh, local, and seasonal offerings. Grass fed beef, vegan and paleo options, BYOB, it’s a great little restaurant that we will definitely frequent again.

2) Cheese – My husband’s latest obsession is learning to make his own cheese; he’s been sourcing this site quite a bit. An endeavor that I can fully get behind as long as he can produce some Gruyere. (Actually, if he could just decrease our feta bill, we might be in good shape.)

3) Roasted vegetable chickpea salad from Annie’s Eats – I made this earlier this week and then proceeded to eat it for three days straight. LOVED it. I highly recommend using some of your fresh veggies and giving this salad a go.

4) Basil Lemon Syrup – I’ve had an abundance of basil in our CSA box, and this is one way I used up a bunch of it this week. You can turn this into lemonade or vodka gimlets or put it in iced tea. It is just so fresh and lovely.

5) Planning where to eat on our vacation (six days away!!) – I’ve asked our foodie friends, gotten recommendations from several sources, but there is nothing I love more than researching good local places to eat. Reading online menus gives me great joy. Here are three places I’d love to try while we’re in Columbus: Barcelona, Knead, and Cap City Diner. Know anything about any of them? Any other recommendations you’d like to make if you’re familiar with the area?

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