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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Here are some posts that I’ve been thinking on, mulling over, visiting a couple more times since I first read them. In summary: the people of God are writing good, good things. Beautiful things. We’re all coming from different life circumstances, different countries, different continents even, different denominations and beliefs and gender and race, but we’re all singing the same song.

  • Yes, yes, yes, and amen.

    In which we are saved to each other (it's a y'all thing) - Sarah Bessey: “He was talking about the profound disappointment so many of us feel in this life, with this life, with pain, sickness, death, disease and so on. He talked about how God seeks to redeem those things but he is doing it through his people. We’re it – which is terrifying and wonderful and beautiful and redemptive and powerful and holy and daily.”


  • This is simply the best description of baptism I’ve read in a very long time. Our denomination does not practice infant baptism, but this, this makes me want to.

    To Brooksie on his Baptism - Micha Boyett: “Today, we offer you to the water because we want you to know that you’re already here, you’re already loved, you already belong to the family of God. You are welcome at this table with us. And this is how the Church has welcomed its family for two thousand years and for more to come. This baptism is just the celebration of what is already true.”


  • Katie’s life looks far more adventurous than mine, but we’re travelling the same road, she and I (and likely you, too). In Africa, in Ohio, everywhere in between, no matter what the circumstances of our lives look like, what we’re all after is that obedient yes and that joyous thank you.

    What we've been up to... - Kisses from Katie
    : “Communion with God is what we are standing up under here – on the days that go as planned and on the days that don’t. On the days with expectations left unmet and dinner running late because of an extra game of hide-and-seek, on the days that seem mundane and the days that seem magnificent, we are saying yes to all He gives and we are saying thank you.”


What has God been saying to you through His people lately?

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