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Monday, July 23, 2012

A ringing phone during naptime is not my favorite sound. It’s not because the kids will wake up; I’ve conditioned them from infancy to sleep through a hurricane. It’s because naptime is my quiet time. I’m often busy still, but the blessed quietness that fills our home is something I treasure. The interruption on Saturday afternoon was not particularly welcome.

I almost didn’t answer, but I’m glad I did. In the heat of the day, sitting on my front porch, those divine, grace-filled moments were the very minutes in my laziness and selfishness I would have passed by. I’m not actually even sure why she called me in her deepest moments of brokenness. When she says I’m the only person she could think of to call, I have no idea what to say. I didn’t even SPEAK to her last Sunday at church. Or the Sunday before that.

I’m thankful that I answered the phone. I’m blessed to be able to pray over this woman. I’m grateful for an equipped team at our church to refer her to when I’m out of answers. I’m continually overwhelmed by the fact that the Holy Spirit leads and guides me daily. I don’t always listen. I definitely don’t always obey, but sometimes, sometimes, I do. Sometimes, I make myself available when I’d rather not be.

Sitting with someone in their brokenness and pain, even when it makes you uncomfortable, changes you. Listening to someone’s story, sitting in their pool of tears, transforms you. Those are the moments when Jesus becomes everything. The moments when the encounter with the living Christ shows us that He is more than everything.

I am ashamed to admit that many days, I would’ve let that phone keep on ringing. My natural temptation is to turn on the TV, turn off my phone, drown myself in internet browsing. This whole experience was a reminder to me, a challenge to live every day in complete obedience even if it’s at the expense of my quiet time, my sleep, my ‘deserved’ leisure time, or my comfort. Am I in touch enough with the Holy Spirit to listen to His promptings? Am I reaching out enough to people that they feel comfortable coming to me when they need help? Am I cocooning myself in my own problems, my own life so much that I can’t see others? Where is my compassion? Where is my focus? Does my life reflect Jesus? I want to live this every day.

I want my life to always be a Yes and Amen.

What about you? Are there moments where you should’ve listened and didn’t? Boy, do I have plenty of those. What about the moments where you wanted to ignore those promptings, but you listened anyway? Those stories – those are the ones that we need to hear today. Where in your life are you living that “yes” to Jesus?

1089. a really great therapy session
1090. the giggles of our little baby every single time he sees his mama
1091. progress – sweet, sweet progress
1092. a long overdue haircut
1093. a morning with nowhere to be or go
1094. adjustment tensions
1095. my hard-working husband
1096. home-cooked meals
1097. a beautiful steak with that perfect pink center
1098. good news
1099. a miracle-working Savior
2000. unbelievable answers to prayer
2001. my little girls. Sisters, not by biology nor by birth, but because God did it.
2002. blissfully planning a few days away with the one I love the most
2003. ordering new clothes for the first time in a long time, wanting to look pretty for my man
2004. friends to give advice on getaway locations, especially the ones who will send us a complete two-day itinerary filled with things we love to do (complete with links to each location’s website)
2005. an anticipated arrival – a new niece about to make her appearance!
2006. sweet baby dresses
2007. a Word, right at the moment I needed it
2008. my shirtless little brown girl jumping with abandon and no self-consciousness on our trampoline
2009. relaxing and reconnecting with my husband after endless days of work

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