hospitality revisited

Monday, July 30, 2012

For the first time in more than two years, we had people over for dinner who were not related to us.  We just spent two years building stability and security into our family and making sure that our home felt completely safe and secure for our littlest two. We did do things at other people’s houses, we’ve had a couple of outside birthday events here, but we really focused on making our home a sanctuary for our children. We did start out without really decreasing our hospitality schedule, but it quickly became clear that hosting people for dinner and having guests in our home was too traumatic and too disconcerting to our children for us to continue. It was a necessary sacrifice, but it is definitely something both of us have grieved.

Tonight, we broke that streak with the absolute perfect guests. Something about the relationship they have with our children made it just the right evening. We had some predictable behaviors prior to their arrival, we may have some recovery tomorrow, but tonight, our little man went to bed with a new present, a smile on his face, and definitive expressions of affection for our guests. I’m thankful to have taken a step forward in the life of our family.

well past 1000 gifts…
my little girl in a bike helmet, riding a horse for the very first time
painful confirmations
happy exhaustion after a day at the fair
the painful hope of impending closure
passing storms without the loss of electricity
much needed rain
vacation plans
truth-telling with no hesitation, a valuable commodity for one of our children
helpful attitudes
healing interactions
my littlest wanting “two!” to take her to bed (mama and papa both)
new life, miraculously beautiful
meeting my newest niece, Althea (isn’t that the most adorable baby name?)
successful dinners out
a backseat chatterbox
reminders of the beginning
spending the evening with an old friend who’s almost all grown up, marveling at what God has done
happy smiles from my nephew
watching a family connect in a surprising way
happiness and hope

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