five friday links–an adoption/foster care edition

Friday, July 20, 2012

1) Everything sad will come untrue….

Together for Adoption 2012 Atlanta (Trailer 1) from Together for Adoption on Vimeo.

2) ShePonders: Adoption - Kelly Johnson-Nikondeha for SheLoves/
“Abandonment gives way to belonging, vulnerability cedes to stability and an orphan becomes a daughter by a divine spark of redemptive goodness.”

3) That awkward moment when... - Noisy. Colorful. Lively
”But then in your stream of conscious brain dump (no pun intended here, of course), you realize that none of that stinky stuff really matters, because that big ol’ pile of poop just reminded you that you really are deeply in love with your kids (all of them, even the rogue pooper) and you’ll wade through their shit with them if you have to.”

4) Don't Change the World - How to Talk Evangelical
”Whether the things I do change the world is not my concern. My work is to let my heart expand in that holy, mysterious love so that when I meet the orphan or the widow or my neighbor or brother or enemy, I have something to give them. God’s love is place and power and hope and healing, and it has changed the world before. It will change it again. It will change the world every day of my small, big life.”

5) "Good" Adoption States, Loss, and Ethics - White Sugar, Brown Sugar
”Adoptive parents----don't put on an unethical mask when it comes to adoption.  Don't check your ethics at the door because you feel you are entitled to do so because you are paying big bucks for an adoption process. Don't use your pain, your loss, as an excuse to trample on someone else and scoop their baby up as your own.    Stop.  Think.  Pray.  Breathe.    Act.”


Late editing addition: Foster Care World Daily News – I discovered this paper today. (because my post was featured – what?!) A terrific aggregation of foster care related links, posts, news articles, and sites.


Did you love any of these links too? Let me know in the comments – and definitely let the authors of these posts know too! What links did you love from this past week or month?

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