summertime and the livin’ is easy

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

There is no time more cherished, more treasured, more dreaded, and more overwhelming than that of summer vacation. The change in routine, the change in where half of the day is spent, the daylight which seems to stretch endlessly past bedtime…I love it. I hate it. We’re making do.

Here are the things saving my summer so far…

1) The trampoline - There is no purchase for our children that we have appreciated more than our trampoline. (With a net for safety, obviously) Our children play on it literally every single day. The other day, Ben just laid on the top and read books for nearly three hours.

2) Dollar General $1 spray bottles – way cheaper than water guns, plus they work a whole lot better. Combine these spray bottles with the trampoline, and you’re golden.


Jesus-Storybook-Bible53) The Jesus Storybook Bible – I am usually a tiny bit reluctant to jump on a bandwagon, especially when it comes to something marketed to ‘Christians’, but The Jesus Storybook Bible is just so very fantastic. I’m reading through it with the kids. It’s on point, it’s focused on what’s really important, and it echoes the “Big Story” metanarrative that we are attempting to deeply instill in our children. I cannot recommend this Bible more highly.

4) Seeds Family Worship – We’re singing; we’re dancing; we’re memorizing Scripture. My kids have really latched onto this CD (we only have album 1), and we are better off for it. This week’s memory verse happens to be Romans 8:38-39. Even the littlest catches on to the songs. Any bit of Scripture that we can sow into their little hearts is a gift for them for the future.



5) Biweekly Bible study – ok, well, this is just for me. (Things that are just for mama by default benefit the children too. If mama ain’t happy…) Getting together with our little group of mamas for two hours or so every other week continues to breathe grace and peace into my life.

6) The Divine Hours – This prayer book by Phyllis Tickle provides some margin in my days. Even when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’m still stopping four times a day. Even if I’m just reading the words without an earnest, heart-felt prayer time, there’s just a bit of space that I’m building into my routine. A break from the everyday things that overwhelm, even when the children are fighting, singing loudly, I can stop in the middle of the busyness and chaos and with people all over the world, take the time to commune with God.

7) Our CSA box – A plethora of fresh veggies is keeping us snacking fairly healthy. I also have the added challenge of learning to cook veggies that we usually wouldn’t purchase in the store. The past couple months have been full of evening baseball games and other activities, and I forgot that I actually enjoy cooking. The kale enchiladas were a hit, and I think that I may have mentioned my problem with sugar snap peas. I might need rehab soon.

8) Air conditioning – I am grateful. Daily.

What things are getting you through your summer? Any tips for navigating the summer with all the kids at home?

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