stepping out and stepping up

Monday, June 4, 2012

This week, I’m stepping out in faith. Not succumbing to fear. It’s not going to look as exciting as what people sometimes mean when they say that – there’s no big move, no huge life change, maybe not even anything that would register on a stress test of any kind.

Here’s what it really is going to look like: therapy appointments, foster care meetings, parental visits, ball games, summer camp, napping, dinnertime, a stack of picture books, an open Bible, folded laundry, swept floors, washed dishes….

It looks like life. It takes a lot of trust and faith to live our everyday, walking-around lives like Jesus. It takes an overcoming presence to not allow fear to take hold. It takes something supernatural to step out in faith and up to the challenge, to not just survive in mediocrity. Day after day, grind after grind, I don’t want to live it half-way. I want to do this whole thing well, giving it everything I’ve got, and trusting the One who knows me for who I really am and loves me anyway – the One who can pick up the slack when all I’ve got isn’t quite enough.

Whatever I have, wherever I am,
I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am.
Philippians 4:13


1000 gifts and beyond….

1058. the first homemade ice cream of the year
1059. strawberry pie
1060. slip-n-slide afternoons
1061. leaving my son’s therapist’s office without any more scheduled appointments. It’s just ‘call as needed’. Finally.
1062. sitting with my beloved room full of mamas, eager to start the summer with some new additions
1063. the happiness of my daughter getting to see her favorite little friend three days in a row
1064. taking our sweet baby to spend his whole birthday with his mama
1065. a mama all dressed up, nails done and all, just for her baby’s first birthday
1066. sweet baby-boy laughter and smiles after a delightful birthday with McDonald’s, the park, first birthday cake smashed on a blanket in the grass, and always, above all else, his mama
1067. fine golden-red baby hair that still smells like cake
1068. the beauty of a mama-and-son bond
1069. a long-awaited return home
1070. watching my daughters love on each other. Nothing like a sister.
1071. baby smiles when he sees the papa of the house finally home
1072. lilies, hydrangeas, pink stock, purple cabbage gracing my table
1073. lessons about grace and dignity, respect and sportsmanship, all learned the hard way with a less-than-accurate umpire on the baseball field
1074. salted caramel ice cream
1075. stolen moments with the man I love
1076. a tiny picture of heaven – all peoples, nations, and tongues worshiping together on a Sunday morning
the body of our God
1078. thirty bundles of baby essentials, prepared to go to women and children around the world

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