a random friday five

Friday, June 1, 2012

1. Baby D’s birthday was on Wednesday. He spent the day with his mama, and when he came home he laughed and smiled and smelled like cake.


2. The husband and the older two children came home last night from a week helping his parents in Oklahoma. I’m going to be honest – I didn’t particularly miss him while he was gone. Three children 4 and under kind of helps you be busy enough and tired enough that I didn’t think about it too much. But now that he’s back? Ahh. My heart is simultaneously lighter and so very, very full. I am at peace, and I am unspeakably glad that they’re home. The swooniness (of course that’s a word) of seeing my husband after a week away – that’s my very favorite feeling right now. I can’t wait until he comes home tonight.


3. In other vacation news, my eldest son’s third or fourth sentence to me last night when they came in: “Wow, Mama. You did a really nice job of keeping the house neat and clean while we were gone.”


That’s probably all I’m going to type about that.


4. Dawson’s Creek is on Netflix now. I’m not going to try and defend my guilty pleasure viewing choices, but I watched every episode of this show when it was on TV. It makes me feel happy like it’s 1999 in spite of the fact that it’s really kind of terrible. The acting, the editing gaffs, the writing….it’s just not very good.

Shining moments in case you’re interested in viewing it again:
Joshua Jackson. Long time crush of mine, and he has definitely improved with age, but he makes me smile even though I’m not sure he was shaving yet when he taped this show. Also, Michelle Williams. Even in a teeny-bopper program with less-than-stellar writing, she shines. She is a superb actress, and it shows.


5. Did I mention my husband is home? I know I already listed this, but it’s worth mentioning again. He. is. home. Joy.

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