quiet, yet full

Monday, June 18, 2012

Today, words are few, but the gifts are still many…

1020. a baby round of applause for his mama
1021. constant jabbers for the entire twenty minute drive
1022. learning new strategies for my daughter to cope
1023. heavy wagons, weighted vests, indoor swings
1024. choosing joy
1025. hearing the sounds of my husband working alone on the roof night after night
1026. a working back door
1027. quick doctor visits
1028. building patience all summer long
1029. singing Scripture with my children
1030. a needed phone call with a friend who truly, truly loves me – a fresh blessing washing over my parched soul…all that I needed for today
1031. bear hugs to calm frazzled nerves
1032. a successful photo shoot
1033. after all the worry and late-night changes, having chosen just the right outfits
1034. celebratory ice cream
1035. generous friends, both old and new
1036. the blessing of a shady spot to watch ballgames
1037. watching my son play through pain, surprisingly appreciative of his ability to persevere
1038. spending Father’s Day with my husband and my papa
1039. black raspberry pie and homemade ice cream
1040. celebrating with my husband - a disaster movie with an action movie chaser

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