five feminist links on friday

Friday, June 15, 2012

While I proudly claim the title of feminist, I recognize that the term is loaded for a lot of people. Give the links a chance, feminist probably doesn’t mean what you thought it did…

Week Of Mutuality - Rachel Held Evans: If you don’t read Rachel Held Evans blog or didn’t catch any of the Week of Mutuality posts on other blogs, check this out. It was a tremendously well-done, well-written, inspiring, thought-provoking week.

Dangerous Woman Creed - Lynne Hybels via Carolyn Whitby: “Dear God, Please make us dangerous women….”

What Makes a Pastor? or Linda Horne and the Great Mystery - Micha Boyett: “In the upside down paradigm of God’s Kingdom, where the last are first and the first are last, I can’t help but believe that the sort of minister who will sit in the most coveted seat at the Great Banquet, must be the abused, divorced woman who loved little ones well, with little reward and a quiet exit. A woman who held up her hands while we gathered around, a woman who knew how to tell the Great Story, who offered us a true magic, the glowing light held bright above, who called us close to look at Jesus and see what it meant to be loved.”

ex-good-Christian women - kathy escobar: “Jesus wasn’t a “good christian” in the ways it has come to be defined.  he wasn’t well-behaved.  he didn’t play by the system’s rules. he didn’t pretend to be nice. he didn’t play it safe or try to conform. he called us to God’s wild & brave & beautiful ways of Love, not to being “good.”

The Voice and the Echo - Addie Zierman: “To be a Christian, I believe, is listen hard for the notes of grace and love and light that pour from the Hidden Holy and to sing it back as best we can to the world. Man, woman, child – we, all of us, belong to this music. It is not one, echoing chorus with a man’s part and a woman’s part, but a hundred thousand songs sung by a million voices. And one of them is yours.”

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