to my mama {mother letter}

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Mama:

Thank you…

…for sitting at our kitchen table, hot tea in hand, bible open, prayer journal to the side, every single morning of my life.

…for teaching me to memorize Scripture. For Isaiah 55 and John 14 and a myriad of other passages that I maybe couldn’t recite word for word, chapter and verse right now, but that are rooted deeply within my heart.

…for laying your hands on my head and praying blessing over me before I went to school, before I went to camp, before I left to start my own home.

…for being home, with cold iced tea and fresh baked cookies, when I came home from school. Even in the years when we were all in school and I was a teenager, when many mamas would have gone back to work, you were home. Those after-school conversations, on the side porch, sitting in the sunshine, making the most of the brief time between when I came home and when the rest of the family came home: they helped shape my life.

…for opening our home to others. To college students, to exchange students, to young married couples - as a place for them to live, to eat, to share our lives with. Thank you that I can barely remember any holidays that we have spent with just ‘family’. That our table and our home was always big enough for whoever comes. That our family was never more important than others.

…for living a life of sacrifice. For teaching me that stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean you stay at home. Thank you for showing me a schedule that’s sometimes busier than the busiest of paid employees because you’re giving to others. You’re mentoring young women and couples, serving the community, serving at church, attending ball games and concerts, visiting the elderly and young alike, being the hands and feet of Jesus all over our area. Thank you that when I go out in the community that I am recognized because I’m your daughter. Because people know who you are through your service.

…for showing me what it means to support and love a husband. For teaching me what marriage looks like as a partnership. For modeling what a husband and wife who are best friends looks like.

…for loving my children. For taking any moment to teach them spiritual truth. Thank you that when my son was in some random 10-year-old emotional crisis, and we told him that if he didn’t want to talk to us, then we would help him find someone else he can share with, that he said, “Like Grandma?”

…for inconveniencing yourself to help us follow God’s calling on our lives. For babysitting when you’d rather not, for loving every child we bring into our family, for being the reason we can do this whole thing well. Thank you for praying and believing in their future even when I doubted. Thank you for seeing God’s hand at work when I was too broken to notice.

…for showing me the Jesus way of living. Watching you go through trials, whether it’s financial, parental, familial, or even life and death, has shown me what it means to trust God in every season. That no matter what happens, no matter what I understand or don’t understand, you showed me choosing God is always the answer. The way to live is to die. Sacrifice is better than spending my time concerned about my future, my money, my family. Thank you for teaching me that it’s all about grace.

…for now we’re coming full circle. Thank you for the mornings that we arrive at your house, my own children running ahead and trailing behind into the kitchen, and they can see you still sitting at your kitchen table, bible open, hot tea in hand. Still seeking Jesus. Still learning what it is to walk this road with Him all of your life. Still humbly following Him faithfully.

Thank you.



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