last minute gifts

Monday, May 7, 2012

Running a bit behind today. Well, ok, a lot behind, but I don’t want to neglect this vital part of my week.

It breathes life, gives margin.
This is what matters:

975. fresh weeks and fresh starts
976. new haircuts
977. grass stains on baseball pants
978. a daytrip with my mama and sister
979. the Ohio Freeway Service Patrol
980. a kitchen full of small children, family and love
981. the love of a baby for his mama
982. sweet times with my own tired baby
983. peace and rest
984. free live streams of conferences I can’t afford to attend
985. the bondage breaking, burden bearing work that I’ve been called to
986. touchable, costly grace
987. government and church working together
988. the local church – the answer to EVERY global crisis
989. a panel of women, sharing their hearts and hope, bringing healing through their words to other weary women
990. baseball season
991. bright blue shirts, dusty cleats, happy boys
992. the field on which boys learn to be men (thanks to my mom for that one)
993. a PT cousin who can give me an emergency treatment on the table in the fellowship hall of our church – the return of limited mobility and the slight easing of pain
994. late afternoon sunshine bathing my sons and their father in its warmth while they play catch and build memories
995. the breathtaking beauty of a family built by God


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