five things on friday

Friday, May 4, 2012

This week, it’s all about five things I love.

1) Summit VIII: As our budget and scheduling did not allow us to travel to southern California to attend this Christian Alliance for Orphans conference this year, I’ve been really appreciative of the live stream. I’m sorry we missed, but the livestream has made up for some of it – especially because it allowed me to watch Crawford Loritts break down Isaiah 58 (my favorite Scripture) in the context of orphan care. Oh, it’s good stuff.

2) Simple Bites: Fantastic website that I enjoy all the time, but it gets picked this week because I happened to win the Queen for a Day giveaway. Check out this post for discount codes for all the items in the baskets. I am beyond excited! Thanks SLM and Aimèe!

3) (in)courage: Also a site I read daily that happens to get picked this week because I won a giveaway. (I know. Best week ever.) This is the item I picked to win: Redeemed Lovely by Design Overnight Bag

4) The Ohio Statewide Freeway Service Patrol: A day trip to visit family a couple of hours away was rudely interrupted by a flat tire on the side of an extremely busy highway near downtown of a major city. I haven’t changed a tire since high school, and I was extremely doubtful of my abilities to do it on a minivan. Plus, I couldn’t figure out how to get the spare off of the bottom of our van. We were an hour away from help, and I was uncertain what to do. Until this very nice man employed by the State came by. He set up cones, checked out the tire, plugged it until we could get straight to the tire store. What a blessing. Kudos to the State of Ohio for providing such a valuable service.

5) Perfect Strangers Video Game: Oh Balki. This game is ridiculous, but to be honest, it’s pretty fun. I may have played it more than once this week.

There’s my five things. What things are you loving this week?

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