when death dies, another me

Monday, April 2, 2012

This week I will struggle to focus, to center myself during Spring Break craziness, through foster care busyness and emotions, to clear the exhaustion from a previous busy week. To right myself, reorienting my life towards this holiest of weeks. So each day, I’ll share a prayer, a Scripture, maybe a song as well. One that sets our hearts towards Jesus, His sacrifice, and the coming joy.

May your Holy Week be blessed with quiet, with reflection, with anticipation.
May you remember.

”So that’s what I see reflected in the mirror of Christ’s crucifixion – my death. My rightful punishment. My sin and its just consequence. Me…

Nevertheless I will not avoid this mirror! No, I will carefully rehearse, again this year – the passion of my Jesus, with courage, with clarity and faith; for this is the mirror of dangerous grace, purging more purely than any other.

This mirror is not passive only, showing what is; it is active, creating new things to be. It shows a new me behind the shadow of a sinner. For when I gaze at his crucifixion, I see my death indeed – but my death done! His death is the death of the selfish one, whom I called ugly and hated to look upon.

And resurrection is another me!”
- Walt Wangerin from Reliving the Passion



839. spring flowers already in full bloom
840. grass grown tall
841. baby trees, ordered. promise of new life ahead…
842. appointment free days
843. readying my heart, planning for a worship service
844. relying on the Spirit
845. bright baby smiles for his daddy
846. sad baby tears when we have to leave
847. conversation opportunities for my littles
848. afternoons and evenings spent playing with out-of-town family
849. a sister willing to watch 9 children so we can eat dinner out with friends
850. Coco’s honey balsamic dressing
851. sleepovers with friends
852. skipping school to play all day
853. skipping work to go to a movie
854. almost-family sharing their hotel suite for a half hour so our traveling family can get dressed for the wedding
855. family weddings
856. dancing children
857. sweet exhaustion of a hugely successful trip for our little family
858. remembering Christ’s sacrifice as a family of faith, sharing communion amidst tears and laughter
859. the faithfulness of the Holy Spirit week after week to show us the songs to be sung, the Scriptures to be read, the words to be preached. All in harmony, all exactly right, all orchestrated by God.
860. a fellowship of believers walking in step with one another and with the Spirit, the beauty of a worshiping community

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