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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Here’s some of my favorite posts from Holy Week. Words, images, prayers, beauty that pointed me towards the cross, that focused my heart on my Savior. Make some time today - click through and read these words, open your own Bibles, quiet your hearts and listen to the Spirit - to reflect on yesterday’s sorrow and tomorrow’s joy. Sunday’s comin’.

kings. by kathy escobar: i do have a king…a not-the-way-kings-usually-look king, who says he’s not here to boss me around and make all my troubles go away, but rather that he’d be present in the midst of them…a counter-cultural king, who calls me to spiritual poverty, mourning, mercy, meekness, justice and love as the path to freedom…

that other thing that happened on good friday - chatting at the sky: This Holy Week, let us not simply remember something that happened to Jesus. Let’s remember something that happened to us.

Holy Tuesday: "For What Binds Us" - mama:monk: So once again he expects us to hold two things in tension. Death and life are inseparable. Dying and behold we live. Here is the ultimate in contradiction. Here is utter foolishness to the point of absurdity. We lose our life to gain it. – Esther de Waal

friday's god is loving and giving... - the beautiful due: For God so loved the world…I would remember and record those words years later when I was too old to be a fisherman, much less a disciple. Of all I’ve penned, it is that phrase of which I am most proud, for it is the genesis and revelation of our story. The love of God haunts me.

In which [it is Holy Week and] we were loved right to the end - Sarah Bessey:  Love as He has loved us. Love is your new identity, your calling card and name. It's how humanity will recognise us, this new birth mark of Love.

Everything Matters: Easter as a Cultural Act - Emily Wierenga at The High Calling: It feels a lot like work. Because love is doing what you need to do, even when you don’t want to. It’s becoming bigger than you ever thought you could be, by becoming nothing at all. It’s trusting God to give you time to paint, and to write, when you take in two foster boys ages four and 19 months and you already have a seven-month-old and a two-year-old at home. Love is family. And it is everywhere, and God is love.

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