the not-yet of the Resurrection

Monday, April 9, 2012

The weight of the Resurrection falls heavy with promise. Yes, Christ arose, but when that tomb rolled away, the sky wasn’t awash with spring pastels, the women who first saw him weren’t in airy dresses and fancy shoes; there were no brightly-arrayed children chasing Easter eggs outside His tomb. He didn’t even walk out into the beautiful, pie-in-the-sky heavenly home that we sing about with longing.

He arose HERE. In this broken, messy, unfinished world.

In the middle of this bigger Resurrection plan, in the middle of being redeemed and restored, there is the not-yet. Shattered lives, hurting marriages, unprotected children, dying husbands, damaged health…it’s this not-yet world that Christ came to, it’s this not-yet world that He came back to on that third day. The truth is - He’s not done with this world. He’s not done with us.

He didn’t leave us alone. He gave us the Helper, the Holy Spirit. God, living and active in our lives.  Giving us the power to spend late nights praying with friends, to wrestle with drug abuse, unprotected children, and loving our families, to forsake Easter dinner and race to a neighbor’s house when the ambulance is called, to cry one another’s tears, to feel one another’s pain, to pour out our lives for one another. We’re the hands and feet of His redemption. We’re the tangible promise of restoration.

In a paraphrase of my husband’s benediction from yesterday’s sermon:
This week, may you give everything you have to the one who gave everything to You. May you see everyday glimpses of the Resurrection in this middle of this messy, broken, not-yet world. May you live in the present and coming reality of a risen Savior, where God is good, where death does not have the final word, where Love has already won.

861. white blossoms blanketing each branch of the dogwood tree
862. sending the children outdoors to play
893. hours later, tired children finally come back indoors, having played straight through suppertime
894. the input of other godly women in my life
895. precious minutes in my living room, learning together to focus our hearts on Him
896. long naptimes
897. the worst insult a 4-year-old boy can think of - that a grown man likes "pink" and "flowers" and plays with Strawberry Shortcake
898. finding opportunities to process my little boy's past with him
899. all the children giggling together
900. cousin play time
901. the happiness of my daughter to share with the little girl she loves
902. warm chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven
903. my Savior's sacrifice on that beautiful, scandalous night
904. the love of God, stronger than death
905. that what appears to be hope dashed is really love poured out (thank you Jamie the Very Worst Missionary for this - thank you.)
906. baseball conditioning, answered prayers for a good coach
907. my next oldest cousin - finally I'm not alone in my thirties
908. an empty sanctuary, clouded in darkness, cool and quiet - waiting for Resurrection morning
909. nude peep-toe pumps
910. that happy day where I'm never the same, forever changed
911. a husband faithful to live this resurrection out daily, not just to preach it on a Sunday morning (although he did that quite well!)

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