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Friday, April 20, 2012

Still too overcome by my week to truly write anything or edit anything I’ve already written, so here are some posts by people who write much better than me. Click through; read them. I think you’ll be glad you did.

In praise of my unspectacular, pre-Pinterest wedding - Rachel Held Evans: The myth of the perfect wedding day is just one more story we tell ourselves to maintain the illusion of control…Try as we may, we don’t get to custom-build our happiest moments. Instead, they sneak up on us. They show up, ready or not, in everyday acts of love and grace…

Church Hunting (2): My Story - How to Talk Evangelical (Addie Zierman): And even if they had, even if they’d done it right, I understand now what I didn’t then: a church cannot fix me. That glowy, beautiful idea of “community,” even if it were everything I had imagined it to be, could not have done it…It is God, only and always. It is Christ, not other Christians, who takes our broken pieces into his own skin and absorbs them so that we can be made whole.

The Lie I've Eaten - Sarah Markley: I’m pretty sure I’ve been fed a lie that I’ve eaten, gobbled up, slurped up and digested. It’s a lie that tastes really good, looks even better and goes down easily. The lie was that I needed become more than a mother.

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