the beauty of the mess

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dishing out potato soup long past dinner time because of an ill-timed trip to urgent care with a child, my husband preaches gospel to me in our kitchen. Tells me this Jesus-road is hard. It’s messy and dirty.

And sometimes we get our feelings hurt.

The thing is, I want to look ahead, judge and plan how this road is going to go. I want to be in the lead, stay in the easy part, out of the mud and the puddles. I don’t want to look messy. I don’t want to be hurt.

But the good of it happens when I follow Jesus so close that I can’t see the road ahead; I can only see Him.

Seeing the beauty in the mess…

936. two strangers, intimately tied together 
937. sharing pain and hopes over coffee
938. fulfillment of answered prayers, the hope of yet unanswered ones
939. the honor to work in a county that's ahead of the curve, committed to holistically caring for kids
940. a tightly held hand to help hold back tears
941. 400 more baby trees planted
942. the strange freedom and ability to accomplish that comes with having only two children with me instead of three for a couple hours
943. the unusual privacy of driving, alone in the front seat, all children in the back
944. 75 more baby trees planted
945. an extra half-hour of sleep
946. safety for the fire dept. during the largest fire in several years
947. 1000 baby trees, all planted and ready for rain
948. an impulsive evening out with the girls...
949.  ...the fun erasing the painful parts of the week away
950. here comes the rain for our little trees
951. a day off work
952. Tom Cruise movie marathon with my best friend
953. staying awake for two whole movies
954. loving my church
955. my nephew's Super-Sad Face - a face worthy of capitalization
956. a husband to preach the gospel to me right when I need it

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