a thankful Monday

Monday, March 19, 2012

'Summer' photo (c) 2003, SLPTWRK - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

The days are stretching longer; it’s unseasonably, uncomfortably warm, but the children are enjoying the outdoors. Baby toes in green grass, chubby toddler and skinny little-girl bare legs sprawling across the trampoline, big-boy bike rides around the lake ALONE, and grubby little four-year-old fingers fill my days. Bright blue skies and fluffy white cloud promise of lazy summer afternoons ahead.

I have some unresolved anger grief over the non-existent winter, but God brings spring flowers and bright days, continual reminders of His goodness. His truth shapes my life – He loves me. He loves me. And oh, is He so very, very good…

797. beginning a new working relationship
798. kind, respectful, and thorough case workers
799. committed service providers
800. being a part of a pretty great county for children
801. dribbling basketballs on the sidewalk
802. "I wike him Mama" from my baby who isn't much of a baby anymore
803. successful procedures
804. knowing the Holy Spirit's voice
805. being rooted in the Word
806. sleeping babies
807. bags and bags of clothing leaving our home
808. readying a visit bag for a baby missing his mama
809. how love doesn't divide, always grows
810. children playing outside
811. an uncomfortably small, completely full home
812. watching my children enjoy their basketball games
813. the pride on my son's face after their team played their best game of the season
814. a blessed evening of ministry with just the ladies
815. happy Sunday mornings
816. easy Sunday afternoons
817. relaxing Sunday evenings, after the kids are in bed, just the two of us

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