random friday

Friday, March 23, 2012

1) I changed a couple things on the blog, and now almost all of my comments have disappeared. Where did they go? Why did they go away? I wish I were more tech-savvy. I wish there were a way to retrieve all the past comments. I find it irritating, to say the least.

2) I’m pretty sad that The Walking Dead is done for the season. The husband and I really enjoy relaxing on a Sunday evening to the visual delight and sweet, sweet sounds of screaming, dying zombies. I’m desperately trying to resist the urge to troll the comic geeks’ blogs for clues and answers as to what’s going to happen. I just want to be a TV show fan and enjoy it as it comes to me. Dear husband does not share this view and has already looked up some stuff. I thought we’d have to stop watching because there were so many episodes this season where nothing happened. Fortunately, much to my grateful relief, Dale is no longer a part of the show. And then, Shane and Rick? FINALLY. The suspension of logic required to watch the show was beginning to irritate me. Side note regarding this season’s final scene: we had to downgrade our cable package because cable is freaking expensive, so now we get AMC (fortunately), but not in HD. I thought that shot might have been a castle. When I found out it was a maximum security prison, I was relieved. That makes WAY more sense than a castle. Stupid standard def TV.

3) I promise this list will not be solely about TV, but the upside to The Walking Dead being over is that Mad Men starts. Thank goodness. I have missed me some misogynistic, alcoholic, nicotine-laden 1960s. Further observation: AMC puts out the best shows on television. Don’t get me started on Breaking Bad.

4) A couple days ago, my son was in the waiting room to get an XRAY, plopped himself down beside this very elderly woman, and then proceeded to talk her ear off. He points to a middle-aged man in a ball cap on the other side of the room, and says, “Is that your dad?” With no hesitation or hint of humor, she says, “Nope. Is it yours?” He says, “Nope. My dad doesn’t wear a hat.” As if this is the most normal conversation in the world.

5) It’s raining and promises to be less than 70 degrees for the next few days. I am delighted. DELIGHTED. 85 is too hot for March.

6) Baby D starts visits with his parents today. We’ve never done visits with a baby this small, and I’m eager to see how it all falls out once we get going.

What random happenings are going on with you?

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