bless the Lord, oh my soul

Monday, March 5, 2012

I went to sleep still uneasy over a few events this past week, and I woke up to a stress-inducing email. My house is way more cluttered than I prefer on a Monday morning. I have an awkwardly scheduled day ahead, and, and, and….

God is speaking quiet to my soul. The grace of a single wintry day in this season of too-warm and rain and no snow days at all this year. He says, “Rest. Calm. Listen.”


Hearing the voice of God today:

755. gray skies that bring needed sinus relief
756. neighborhoods united in the midst of chaos
757. the love of my husband in spite of my imperfections
758. normally scheduled days
759. children at play
760. the after-school debriefing
the brief time spent with two precious children, 3 years ago
762. following Jesus into the hard places, even when it still hurts us years later
763. the grace of a phone call, bending our knees, calling us to prayer, because there's nothing else we can do
764. a new month, a new shape on our gift banner
765. smiling children, asking, "how was your day Mama?"
766. secretly wondering if they mean it, or if they've learned the norms of polite social conversation at a very young age
767. snowdrops blooming in the tree line
768. daffodils peeking up their leaves
769. Green Eggs and Ham
770. children speaking "Seussically"
771. bright green asparagus and red-skinned potatoes
772. family dinner time
773. how the Holy Spirit guides separate people to the same goal
774. a spectacular drum fill
775. a new song, speaking life all day long

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