all things for good

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dreary rain fills our skies, my feet are chilled from walking through endless puddles in the doctor’s parking lot, and the time change has wrecked havoc on the children’s sleeping schedules. I just can’t stop being happy over the baby-shaped gift we got last week. After two days of grieving, he’s decided we’re ok. He laughs and smiles and babbles at toys. He hugs his soft blanket tight like it’s his favorite thing. He looks at his graham crackers like he has never seen a more delightful snack in the whole entire world. He nuzzles close and likes to rub noses. He sleeps all night and naps well too.

I’m broken-hearted that he has to be in our home, but I am happy that we can provide a safe place while his family works on things they need to get together. I’m just so thankful that our children can have this kind of a baby for the first placement after our adoption finalization. And there’s just the most special gift surrounding this new one and my precious four-year-old. Privacy concerns prevent me from sharing specifics, but it was just such an obvious drop of grace in this whole situation. I knew the minute they told us that this was exactly the right thing for us to do, both for this baby and for our family.

God works all things, ALL things for our good.
What a gift this little baby is to our family right now…

776. a cozy home, filled with warmth and laughter
777. inhaling the steam from a hot cup of tea
778. clearing out the old to make room for the new
779. a husband who searches for opportunities to serve
780. making plans, dreaming big
781. sitting together after a long day
782. a long-awaited call
783. a surprise gift
784. grace-drops for my youngest son
785. snuggling a precious baby
786. bright blue eyes
787. soothing grieving cries
788. breathing Jesus over a small burdened soul
789. long naptimes
790. shopping trips with the littlest
791. burning lungs, tired legs, a little girl who doesn't stop talking even during a run
smiles first thing in the morning
793. loving my husband more and more and more
794. folded laundry
795. the joy found in a single graham cracker
796. giggles and playtime

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